FLAME comes alive in Bristol

This month saw the testbeds for FLAME come on stream at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom.

In order to explore and validate the deployment of 5G in an architecture that combines existing technologies and innovations, University of Bristol has deployed a rich testbed comprised of several networking and computing technologies, interconnecting a significant area in the Bristol city centre. This testbed aims to provide a managed platform for the development and testing of new solutions delivering reliable and high-capacity services to several applications and vertical sectors here referred to as FLAME.

The University of Bristol’s 5G testbed is a multi-site network connected through a 10km fibre with several active switching nodes. The core network is located at the Smart Internet Lab at the University of Bristol and an extra edge computing node is available in another central location, known as Watershed. As shown below, the access technologies are located in two different areas in the city centre: Millennium Square for outdoor coverage and “We The Curious” science museum for indoor coverage.

Millennium Square at Bristol City Center with FLAME logical architecture.

The state of the art access technologies deployed in Millennium Square will deliver high-bandwidth, high-bitrate and high-reliability connections to the user equipment, therefore enabling the usage of the network-intensive distributed applications developed by FLAME demonstrators.

Bristol’s Millennium Square from above

The high performance and edge computing capabilities will power resource-intensive applications developed by FLAME demonstrators.

As we move forward with the testing, the next step will be working together with 3rd-party partners selected through the Open Call to demonstrate in a real environment such as “Millennium Square” the FLAME platform capabilities as well as its engagement with citizens.

Post by Dr. Aloizio P. Silva, Research Fellow & 5G Portfolio Manager, Smart Internet Lab – University of Bristol

If you’re interested in getting involved, FLAME’s second Open Call is open to submissions from 5 December.