The Future Media Internet Vision, Scenarios and Media Service Use Cases

FLAME has published the 1st version of FMI vision, scenarios and media service use cases. The FLAME consortium recently published an important document that presents and refines its developing vision within the Future Media Internet (FMI). The FLAME FMI vision is described through use cases and scenarios for novel and high value media services to consumers and their

The 1st architecture specification for innovative future media service delivery platform

FLAME has published the 1st architecture specification for its innovative future media service delivery platform.   The specification describes platform features and component-level architecture and interfaces, along with a comprehensive set of media use cases and scenarios from leading media service providers and content providers that have driven design decisions. The specifications highlight the significant

Key component of FLAME up for a Global Telecoms Award

InterDigital’s novel service routing solution FLIPS (Flexible IP services), a cornerstone of the FLAME platform has been shortlisted for the Global Telecoms Award in the category for ‘Groundbreaking Virtualization Initiative.’ FLIPS provides key platform benefits such as dynamic and flexible service routing, network-level indirection, multicast delivery of HTTP responses and others described in recent FLAME

Discover the Future of Digital Media and the NGI @ NEM Summit 2017

Digital media is everywhere, and consumers are increasingly playing an active role when interacting with media, with brands, and with each other. They are always connected and increasingly surrounded by sensors, computing and communication infrastructures in their homes, buildings and public spaces. Add to this the rise of immersive technologies offering virtual- and augmented reality

FLAME tested in Bristol

InterDigital and Bristol-is-Open (BIO), in partnership with CTVC Ltd conducted their joint open trial from July 10th-30th. As part of the H2020 POINT project, the trial showcased a major innovation driving the FLAME platform as it is currently built, namely the FLIPS (Flexible IP services) solution of InterDigital. In this trial, a treasure hunt was


FLAME has initiated a number of standardization proposals with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). InterDigital, together with authors from Huawei, presented a revised version of the ICN (information-centric networking) deployment draft to the ICNRG, including strong references to the FLAME project and its planned large-scale deployments of what is characterized as an ‘ICN underlay’.

Innovation at the IEEE webinar

On May 23rd, 2017, our Technical Manager Dirk Trossen organized an InterDigital sponsoredIEEE webinarIEEE webinar on ‘SDN/NFV – Time for Real Innovations’, broadcast live and still available on-demand to a worldwide audience of several hundred experts. Joined by our FLAME partner ATOS, represented by Josep Matras, and experts from Huawei (Artur Hecker) and Universidad Carlos

FLAME at EuCNC 2017

The 2017 European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC) recently took place in Oulu, Finland, with the theme of “5G – European Roadmap, Global Impact”. Key components of future 5G networks were widely discussed, such as SDN, network function virtualisation and network slicing, with the keynote speakers agreeing that it is necessary for network operators

Experimenting with FLAME

FLAME aims to offer Experimentation-as-a-Service to FMI stakeholders and to provide business model innovations that ensure the sustainability of FLAME infrastructures and its replicators beyond the project execution. A key part of this is a detailed analysis of the FMI market, which was produced during the first months of FLAME life cycle. The market analysis