How to join the FMI ecosystem

Lighting the FLAME for the Future Media Internet Ecosystem

Launched in January 2017, FLAME aims to establish a Future Media Internet (FMI) ecosystem based on the Experimentation-as-a-Service (EaaS) paradigm. This ecosystem will be capable of supporting urban-scale experimentation with novel FMI products and services, using real-life adaptive infrastructures encompassing not only the compute and storage facilities, but also the underlying software-enabled communication.

To make this ecosystem as a vibrant and dynamic community which connects related initiatives and projects as well as engaging media and ICT stakeholders from industry, SMEs and research, FLAME will offer:

  • A highly flexible platform for media service delivery.
  • Experimentation tools to observe and control what runs on the platform.
  • An FMI knowledgebase to incrementally capture system behaviour.
  • Consultants providing know-how in FMI experiment design and city environments to engage users in urban scale trials.
  • More than 2 Million Euro for 3rd party organisations to join the FMI ecosystem in several European cities.

Newcomers will gain value in joining the FMI ecosystem through:

  • Adoption of the FLAME concepts and technologies for improved media content delivery and increase audience experience and engagement.
  • Deployment of the FLAME platform to run experiments helping to test and validate advanced mechanisms, products and/or services – reducing time-to-market for innovative solutions.
  • Getting funding through dedicated Open Calls to support efforts of stakeholders from industry, SMEs and research in developing novel FMI technologies and solutions.
  • Establishing contact with other players in the FMI ecosystem through participation to FLAME-driven community building activities, such as dedicated workshops, hackathons, webinars, etc.

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