Enable 5G with FLAME

With FLAME addressing the Future Media Internet ecosystem, the integration with 5G has always been in the mind of the platform development. 5G addresses a number of key aspects, such as higher throughput, low latency, edge computing capabilities, among others, that are targeted by FLAME use cases as well as provided by FLAME platform capabilities.

The EIB speaks out about FLAME

While attending the NEM Summit that took place in Madrid over November 29-30, some of FLAME’s Executive Industry Board (EIB) members took the time to record their thoughts on the project and what it can acheive. The FLAME EIB is composed of  representatives from the consortium as well as external members from the most involved industrial and public

Success at NEM Summit 17!

FLAME held its first workshop at the NEM Summit 2017 on November 30th in Madrid, gathering together leading experts working in the areas of digital media and communications to explore the structural change occurring across Europe and the world. The workshop, which was co-located with the NEM Summit and run as part of the overall conference

FLAME in the FMI ecosystem

In FLAME, we are building a platform for experimentation of advanced media products and services integrating new network paradigms, such as SDN, NFV and MEC scenarios. A key innovation lies in the flexible management and tight integration of media services with not only the compute and storage resources where they run, but also with the

The Future Media Internet Vision, Scenarios and Media Service Use Cases

FLAME has published the 1st version of FMI vision, scenarios and media service use cases. The FLAME consortium recently published an important document that presents and refines its developing vision within the Future Media Internet (FMI). The FLAME FMI vision is described through use cases and scenarios for novel and high value media services to consumers and their