FLAME and the 3GPP milestone

The FLAME ecosystem has achieved an important milestone in its development of a FLIPS (Flexible IP Service) platform (read previous blog article here: https://www.ict-flame.eu/blog-post/standardization-flame-ecosystem/) SBA platforms are being sought by operators to lower their deployment costs and make 5G service rollout cheaper and more flexible. It is one of the biggest changes that 5G brings

Enable 5G with FLAME

With FLAME addressing the Future Media Internet ecosystem, the integration with 5G has always been in the mind of the platform development. 5G addresses a number of key aspects, such as higher throughput, low latency, edge computing capabilities, among others, that are targeted by FLAME use cases as well as provided by FLAME platform capabilities.

FLAME at NEM Summit 2019

FLAME was in the spotlight at the New European Media (NEM) Summit, 2019, held end May in Croatia. The FLAME platform was demonstrated to interested participants. In addition, information on the FLAME Open Call 3 was disseminated. The call opens on 9 August with the application process open until early November 2019. FLAME is soliciting third