In this corner you can find links to the most relevant initiatives to FLAME in Europe and worldwide.

  • NGI on FUTURIUM – see the website
  • Future Internet Research and Experimentation – see the website
  • NEM – see the website
  • 5G PPP – see the website
  • 5G MEDIA – see the project
  • 5G CITY – see the project
    The POINT and RIFE projects provide the base technology for the FLIPS (Flexible IP Services) routing and surrogate technology that extends the SDN (Software defined networking) transport networks utilized in the FLAME infrastructure. More information can be found at POINT and RIFE websites.
  • AIOTI – see the website
  • MOS2S
    The MOS2S project aims to develop and test audiovisual Smart City technologies addressing the needs of its inhabitants, and embed these solutions in a dedicated Smart City Playground. This playground provides a venue platform as stepping stone towards a full Smart City Operating System, and the support of proof-of-concepts and trials. More information can be found here.
    The ETSI MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) standards organization has been defining normative standards in the space of providing applications at the edge of the network. The scope of the standards include use cases, requirements, interfaces, and reference architectures for MEC nodes. More information can be found here.