Meet the FLAME Mentors

The winning projects from FLAME’s first Open Call have now started their trials, which also means they can take advantage of the services our FLAME Mentors are offering!

The FLAME Mentors provide a first line of support for the experimenters. They are experts in their fields and in the FLAME concepts and technologies. But more than that, they take a personal interest in the success of the experiment that they mentor.

Meet the FLAME Mentors below…

Prof. Boniface is the Head of the IT Innovation Centre, Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton and the Project Coordinator of FLAME project.

He has an international reputation as thought leader pioneering the evolution of information technologies for tackling important business and societal challenges and long term interests in the areas of user experience, interactive media, service-based systems, software defined infrastructures and digital innovation.

Prof. Boniface will be the mentor for RAISE project.

Dr. Sebastian Robitzsch is with InterDigital Europe, Ltd. working as a senior staff engineer on ICN-related Horizon 2020 funded projects.

His research efforts focus on the softwarisation of network functions following existing SDN and NFV paradigms in order to allow a decoupling of infrastructure, service and content providers for more versatile and programmable communication networks.

Dr. Sebastian Robitzsch will be the mentor for V2FLAME project.

Dr. August Betzler is a Senior ICT R&D Technical Lead and Project Engineer in i2CAT Foundation and one of the representers of “Barcelona” in FLAME project.

The areas of his expertise include mostly Internet Communications, wireless SDN networks, IEEE 802.15.4 and 802.11 networks and software development.

Dr. Betzler will mentor the MEMPHIS project.

Mr. Aliaga is a Senior Software Developer in Martel Innovate.

He is a passionate Software Engineer with a wide experience in software development and R&D projects. His main areas of interests include Algorithms, Linux and Python applied on Industrial and Scientific applications.

Mr. Aliaga will be the mentor for Prosuming project.

Dr. Phillips is a Principal Research Engineer and Project Coordinator at the IT Innovation Centre.

He is keen on driving innovation to solve complex problems but maintaining excellent user experience across many domains. He is a PRINCE2 practitioner and experienced in all aspects of software development, modelling, optimisation and statistics.

Dr. Phillips will mentor the Be-Memories project.

Dr. Hamid Falaki is the Telecommunication Consultant to Smart Internet Lab as part of the University of Bristol.

He has been an adviser and consultant in Wireless Communications with more than 20+ years’ experience in the telecoms technology sector, and currently is responsible for the delivery, operation and technology refresh for the University’s 5GUK test network to enable experimentation, research and development of the future communications solutions.

Dr. Falaki will be the mentor of EdgeTube project.