Winners of FLAME’s 2nd open call announced

The outcomes of FLAME’s second Open Call have been announced and seven winners have been selected.

FLAME’s second open call requested 3rd party projects to create and explore edge experiences considering consumer’s desire for personalised, localised and interactive media content delivered through current and emerging human-computer interfaces used in outside spaces or between outside and inside spaces. The call opened on 5 December 2018 and deadline for submissions was 5 March 2019.

The Call attracted 20 bids altogether, which were split between the project’s locations in Barcelona and Bristol (with 7 and 10 bids, respectively) and other cities around Europe (3). The bids came from a good spread of organisations including SMEs, universities, research institutes and large companies located in several European countriesParticipation to Open Call 2: per country and type of proposal.

Of the seven 3rd party projects to be funded, the call specified two SME trials in Barcelona, 3 SME trials to Bristol and 2 Replicators (in London and Buseto Palizzolo – Trapani).

The winners of the funded experiments, were:

  • PRIS, Level7 S.r.l.u (Replicator, Buseto Palizzolo)
  • EDGE – UCATE, King’s College London (Replicator, London)
  • Acronym to be announced, Millform Inc. (SME trial, Bristol)
  • SmartMEC, Modio Computing (SME trial, Bristol)
  • IMRA, D-cube (SME trial, Bristol)
  • MoDASH, Cognitive Innovations Private Company (SME trial, Barcelona)
  • DIGI-HI, IN2 Digital Innovations GmbH (SME trial, Barcelona)

“FLAME’s second open call extends platform deployment to new replication sites in Sicily, Italy and London, UK. These replicators offer distinctive infrastructure and trial opportunities for 5G media service delivery at campus and rural locations, whilst the new SME projects continue to push the boundaries of edge experience by pushing emerging interactive media solutions into urban settings.”, said Michael Boniface, FLAME Project Coordinator.

Dirk Trossen, Technical Manager of FLAME added, “The open call 2 winners will utilize our successful deployments of the FLAME platform to showcase its benefits to future 5G-based media delivery but also drive forward further insights into the operational aspects of future 5G deployments, specifically through the replication of the FLAME platform in two more locations, that will help FLAME improve its technology basis.”

The seven winners of the 2nd FLAME Open Call will start their experimentation in 15th of May 2019.

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