Winners of FLAME’s 3rd open call

Nine third party projects are funded under the FLAME’s third Open Call.

FLAME’s third open call requested 3rd party projects to explore edge experiences considering consumer’s desire for personalised, localised and interactive media content delivered through current and emerging human-computer interfaces used in outside spaces or between outside and inside spaces. The 3rd party projects were asked to demonstrate the utilisation and value of FLAME service design patterns for orchestrating media services. The call opened in August 2019 and the deadline for submissions was in November 2019.

The Call attracted 11 bids altogether, which were split between the project’s locations in Barcelona, Bristol and Buseto Palizzolo. The bids came from a good spread of organisations including SMEs, universities, research institutes and large companies located in several European countries

Of the nine 3rd party projects to be funded, the call specified three SME trials (1 in Bristol and 2 in Barcelona), 2 Industry trials (1 in Barcelona and 1 in Buseto Palizzolo) and 4 startup trials (1 in Barcelona, 2 in Bristol and 1 in Buseto Palizzolo).

The winners of the funded experiments, were:

  • OCTOPUS – Obtaining Content from Terminals, Optimizing it and Providing aUgmented Services (Consulservice SRL, Industry trial, Buseto Palizzolo)
  • FC 5 LIVES – Football Club 5G-enabled LIVE Stadium experience app (FINCONS Spa, Industry trial, Barcelona)
  • Zubr MeshParade (Mobile Edge Scan Hive) (Zubr Virtual Reality Ltd, SME trial, Bristol)
  • medFLAME – Igniting new possibilities for Future Media Internet based medical education ( sp. z o.o., SME trial, Barcelona)
  • KFE – Kalliópê FLAME Experience (IGLOR Soluciones Audiovisuales Avanzadas S.L., SME trial, Barcelona)
  • HoloFLAME – Dynamic orchestration, customization and delivery of Mixed Reality holographic media content at the network edge(Intellia ICT, Start-up trial, Buseto Palizzolo)
  • ICON – Proactive Video Content Caching (Bi2S Ltd, Start-up trial, Barcelona)
  • VISION – VIdeo Surveillance for Impaired persONs (Healthcare Technology Lab srl – HTLab, Start-up trial, Bristol)
  • Multiplayer Interactive AR Art (Hool, Start-up trial, Bristol)

The nine winners of the 3rd FLAME Open Call started their experimentation in January 2020.

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