Basic information

Title: Chora – Multiplayer AR Interactive Animation
Acronym: Chora
Company: Hool Ltd
Trial/Replicator: Trial
Type: SME

Where: Bristol (UK)
When (time-plan): January to June 2020 (6 months)

Project summary


Chora is a multiplayer augmented reality experience played on your mobile through a web browser.

Take control of a creature and try to express yourself through movement. Explore and meet others to learn, create and share moves. As time goes on you and your fellow players develop a local style with their own nuances and complexities. When music plays sit back and watch or show off your moves.

Experiment Objectives

We are interested in how location based augmented reality (AR) can benefit from FLAME 5G infrastructure. By distributing services of our application we will take advantage of the edge computation to give our users faster and a more reliable service.

  1. Deliver a multiplayer augmented reality mobile experience in the browser
  2. Utilize FLAME infrastructure by experimenting with horizontal scaling and hyperlocal computing.
  3. Engineer service functions that take advantage of the following service design patterns: Content Placement, Proxy Cache Playout and Geographical Scaling.
  4. Capture feedback from audience and testers
  5. Provide feedback to the flame consortium

Hool Ltd

Bristol based XR digital art studio produces web browser based XR experiences for people to buy, rent or trade.

Instagram @hoolfest | Twitter: @hoolfest