Basic information

Title: Football Club 5G-enabled Live Stadium experience app
Acronym: FC5 Live
Company: Fincons
Trial/Replicator: Trial
Type: Industry

Where: Barcelona (Spain)
When (time-plan): January to June 2020 (6 months)

Project summary

As user media fruition is becoming more and more integrated, football clubs (and more generically sport teams) have greater opportunity to deliver their contents with the help of 5G technology at live events.

With FC5 Live app, FINCONS (empowered by FLAME) plans to extend its currently Media offering to leverage the soccer fans experience with the team during “live” events, offering functionalities such as Live Replays, Direct live streaming with multi-camera choice, frames extraction and sharing over social networks, that are not currently possible due to the lack of adequate 5G platforms infrastructure.

Live events, supported by 5G capabilities, are considered the new frontier in the framework of media services and will inspire Fincons to fully extend its offering with the FC 5 Live App, proposed in this Industry Trial.

Some Clubs are already offering their own “private TV” (i.e. Juventus TV, Barça TV, Real Madrid TV), and additional OTT services, similar to broadcaster’s ones, are being progressively added to the offering, getting closer and closer to large Broadcasters. At the same time, small clubs and “minor” sports, having more freedom on their IPR on own content and merchandising, are looking for scalable solutions to promote it and engage their supporters.

FC5 Live app is expected to have a great market potential both on “premium” clubs, but also on minor sports, thus contributing to the development of small clubs, and opening the opportunity to integrate with a range of added value services from third-party (commerce, mobility, etc..), thus benefitting the entire value chain, and paving the way for a larger exploitation of the FLAME platform.

The success of FC5 Live app will depend on capability to deliver live high-quality video streams to a very large number of end users in the same place by the appropriate use of computing and network resources offered by FLAME platform and infrastructure.

LAME technical capability to cheaply broadcast content to multiple users in a transparent way for user perspective (opportunistic multicast), is considered essential for delivering media service based on live streaming in large venues (ideal use case target), where many people are together at the same time in the location. FC5 Live application will likewise rely on FLAME capability to deploy services at the edge of the infrastructure in order to have low-latency compute capabilities just one hop away from the users and scale-out to the main Data Centre if appropriate.