Title: Dynamic orchestration, customization and delivery of Mixed Reality holographic media content at the network edge
Acronym: HOLOFLAME 2.0
Company: Intellia ICT
Trial/Replicator: Trial
Type: Start-up

Where: Buseto Palizzolo (Italy)
When (time-plan): June to September 2020 (4 months)

Project summary

The original HOLOFLAME project provided a framework for MR applications to be executed over the FLAME infrastructure by leveraging the full range of features offered by an open, interoperable, programmable and secure infrastructure for media services. In particular, the project foresaw the adaptation of an existing MR application of the company. The considered MR application retrieved and visualized AR/MR content about events including 3D maps, paths and routes, 360-degree videos, Points-of-Interest (POIs), etc. In the context of HOLOFLAME, the existing application was extended with the capability of mobile crowdsensing by allowing users to enrich our database with new multimedia content that can be used by other participants and visualized in the MR application. By exploiting the unique service routing capabilities offered by FLAME, the users were able to create dynamic MR scenarios by uploading, customizing and delivering AR content. The MR scenarios were decompiled in a series of service functions (for AR content, storage, execution, content delivery) that was accessed via the network.

HOLOFLAME 2.0 aims to develop and validate additional functionalities, that will fully leverage the capabilities of Level7. More design patterns, offered from the platform, will be tested and utilized in order to reduce the application’s response time and increase the overall user experience.

HOLOFLAME 2.0 will conduct detailed experimentation and performance analysis of the media delivery technologies provided by the FLAME platform to support a wide range of Augmented Reality (AR) scenarios using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Mixed Reality (MR) hardware. The tests will be executed over the Level7 infrastructure located at Buseto Palizzolo, Italy. Based on the interests expressed by the Buseto Palizzolo community, the set of scenarios will be related to the field of Agritourism. The scenarios that will be developed will be based on interactive media and material related to an existing local event taking place annually in the community of Buseto Palizzolo. The scenarios will be tested and validated in the same event that will take place in 2020. 

The motivation behind the extension of HOLOFLAME 2.0 was to showcase why the adaptability offered by FLAME outrages existing cloud-based platforms or monolithic edge infrastructures based on static edge devices.

In HOLOFLAME 2.0, the existing experiment will be extended in three dimensions by adopting and implementing the respective design patterns: (a) a geo-fencing use-case based on location-based delivery of AR content, (b) a content placement upgrade to improve system performance through location-based caching, and (c) a Virtual Wall scenario that takes advantage of the application function offloading functionality.

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