The FLAME project 4th Open Call opened on 15th May 2020. The application closed on the 31st of May, 2020.

The FLAME project hereby announces its fourth Open Call for 3rd party projects.

With this Open Call FLAME intends to further support the implementation of the 3rd party projects that were funded under the First, the Second and Third Open Call of the project to extend their experimentation activities using the FLAME infrastructure.


Project full name FLAME – Facility for Large-Scale Adaptive Media Experimentation
Project grant agreement number 731677
Call identifier FLAME-OC4
Call title Fourth FLAME Open Call
Final Submission deadline 31st May 2020 @ 17:00 CET
Notification of the final results 10th June 2020
Webinar for explaining Open Call details and providing guidelines for proposers 27th May 2020,
16:00-17:00 CET
Estimated start date of 3rd party projects No later than 15th June 2020
End of 3rd party projects No later than 15th September 2020


  • Total budget for Open Call 4: 130 000 €
  • Maximum budget per Experiment: 55 000 € per Replicator trials (FLAME-OC4-Replicator), and 25 000 € per Experiment trials (FLAME-OC4-Experiment)
  • Expected number of 3rd party projects to be funded: 4 (1 for the category Replicator trials, and 3 for the category Experiment trials).
  • Guaranteed support: 139 812,50 € (An extra budget of typically € 34.954,125 per 3rd party project will be allocated to the FLAME consortium partner acting as Mentor for guaranteed support)


  • For category “a. FLAME-OC4-Replicator: FLAME replication extension of OC2 replicator” proposals selected from the funded beneficiaries of Open Call 2 – Replicators from European secondary and higher education establishments, research institutes and other not-for-profit research organisations or companies from the private sector acting as enablers for innovative new Future Media Internet technologies are eligible.
  • For category “b. FLAME-OC4-Experiment: FLAME experimentation extension for OC1, OC2 and OC3 experiments” proposals selected from the funded beneficiaries of Open Call 1, Open Call 2 and Open Call 3, under the categories of SME trials and Industry Trials are only eligible.
  • A total number of four (4) third party projects will be funded for further experimentation based on the final ranking.
  • For category FLAME-OC4-Replicator will further experiment in the same city where originally implemented.
  • For category FLAME-OC4-Experiment one 3rd party projects in each city (Barcelona, Bristol and Buseto Palizzolo) will be funded.


  • Language in which the proposal must be submitted: English
  • Proposals must follow the provided template (see Section 11 of this document and Appendix A)
  • Proposals must be submitted through the online submission form at the bottom of this page