Bump into media with FLAME

In March, FLAME project partners the University of Bristol and VRT hosted an interactive FLAME-based media research study at Millennium Square in Bristol, UK. Student participants from the University of Bristol enjoyed working with the FLAME project in this research study. The project aims to change the way people interact by fundamentally changing how they

FLAME for Video Games

The Game Technology Center (GTC) of ETH Zurich is a research lab developing advanced game technologies based on solid computer science expertise and exploring how these can affect gaming and players’ behaviour. This article describes how gaming is evolving with new technologies, and how platforms like FLAME play an important role in this transformation. Gathering

FLAME in the FMI ecosystem

In FLAME, we are building a platform for experimentation of advanced media products and services integrating new network paradigms, such as SDN, NFV and MEC scenarios. A key innovation lies in the flexible management and tight integration of media services with not only the compute and storage resources where they run, but also with the

Media provider benefits of FLAME

In our last blog, we discussed the “groundbreaking media delivery platform” that FLAME will bring to smart city infrastructures throughout Europe. Here we look at how FLAME will allow media service providers to develop and deploy novel user experiences. Faster response, better engagement FLAME can deploy services at the edge of the network (e.g. in